Week 11

My parents have agreed to get me more paper, but they say I cant buy too much. I also have been making more paper airplanes from these two YouTube Chanel’s



They are very helpful even they go a bit fast. Usually I have books to follow but YouTube also helps. My “experts” have not responded to the emails, so I’m just going to call them. I probably should have done that in the first place.

Blog post 10

Since last week I have put in more work. My weekends are now almost fully covered by doing it. I am finding out that I need tons of paper if have so many fails. I have decided that the next month, so till the presentation, I will put full effort into making bigger and more complex pieces.

I did not expect it to cost so much for paper. My allowance has been paying for it for now. I might to ask for my parents to buy some for me as a favor.

Week 9 blog post

I think I need to get going. I have progressed slower than I wanted. I going to put more work in it during the week. Instead of doing 4 hours a week I think I’ll move it to 6 hours a week I think then I’ll have more examples for the presentation in February.

Also during New Years break I reached out to Taro’s Origami Studio but they Haven’t respond to the email yet.

Week 4

I finally got new paper and it works so much better than the other stuff. I made these Pikachus

Cute Origami Pikachu – Spark Joy Origami

Also another star.

And a cool bird maybe a Mockingbird, Which took forever.

The paper works so much better and I have tons of it. but that’s my blog post for the week. Bye!

Genius Hour Planning

I have decided to do origami. My goals are to make a difficult dragon with paper. I would like to create some creatures from mythology. Like a thunderbolt, Cerberus and unicorns. Also I would like to make some animals. Like a Lion or a Mountain goat. I think I should start with a few airplanes and stuff like that. Starting off easy working my way up

First Blog Post

Hello, dear readers. My name is Saagar and this is my first blog post. I am in grade eight in Edmonton, Alberta. I like to build Lego and eat pizza. I strongly believe that pineapple does not belong on pizza. Also I like to watch movies, especially Marvel movies. I would consider myself athletic since I got second in Javelin in zones and second in relay races too.

For this blog I am trying to get better at a certain activity. I think I have chosen origami, which I know a little about but I would have lots to learn. I want to be able to make very complex pieces(most likely a dragon). I think I will start off by watching easy origami videos and tricks to get better.