Final blog Post

I think this round of Genius Hour went really well. My presentation I know could’ve done better. In, conclusion I think it very well since I finished all the projects I wanted to finish and they all worked. I had very fun time doing this project and I think and I hope I will use this skill in the future.

New Blog Post

I have finished the code for Pong and now I am finishing my presentation up. I going to have to find screen recorder to film myself playing 2048 and Pong. I also found my genius hour expert. I emailed a guy from a kid learning camp, he said he couldn’t meet with me but he had friend who was in university and he agreed to set up a meeting. I met with him on Saturday on a google meet. His name was Alexander Jones and he was 3rd year in university. He helped change some of the flaws in the Pong game.

Last bit of code

Update blog

This week I got two more parts of the code into action and am now 3/4 done. My game will be the same colors as the original game. I think I need to hurry up with the coding or it might not be done in time and I need to start working on the presentation.

Blog post 9

This week I worked on the code for Pong and I got a lot done. My work took about an hour and a half. For things I don’t, I would search it up but not actually copy it. My style is just gonna look just like the original which looks like this.

And this is the the code from today.

Blog post 8

I have chosen my game and its going to be the Pong because of the idea that it could one player or two player. To start the game i’m going to make it two player since coding it will be easier and then when I finish that I will try to make the AI part part of the game. Since if its one player you need to play against someone or something so I would need to use an AI. I don’t have a screenshot of the code for this week and again i forgot to send the video to my school account for the first game

Blog post 7

For my progress I think I can complete a new game in about 4 weeks. My plan is to put extra time into coding instead of a hour a week. I’ve narrowed the final decision of my next coding to pong and a PAC-MAN type game.

Since last time not many people knew what 2048 was, I’ll provide a quick description of each of the games.

Pong is a game made in 1972 and was an influential game to the world. It was one of the earliest video games, Pong became wildly popular and helped launch the video game industry. The original Pong consisted of two paddles that players used to volley a small ball back and forth across a screen.

Pac-Man, a single-player arcade video game released by Namco in 1980. In the game, a yellow, circular character navigates a maze, eating pellets and fruit, avoiding ghosts and occasionally eating them. It is also the best selling arcade game of all time

6th blog post

This is the finished part of the code to 2048, all I need to do now is to test it I have a video of it at home I didn’t send it to my school account so I will upload it next week. For now though I will have to think of a new game. maybe minesweeper or the google snake game. I need to find a game by next week. maybe I could make a knockoff chess website.

Week 5

I continued working on the game (2048), I’m probably about 2/3 of the way done. But I still need to find idea for a second project, my new game has to be harder to code than this one. I’ll think of one over the week following.

For my expert I have emailed two places “Code Ninjas in Crestwood” as well as “InnoTech College”. I emailed them on Monday and they still haven’t responded so I might try another couple if the don’t respond by the 22nd.

Week 4

I didn’t realize not everyone knew what 2048 is so I will explain it. In this game, the player must combine tiles containing the same numbers until they reach the number 2048. The tiles can contain only integer values starting from 2, and that are a power of two, like 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and so on.

I have found a lesson online on YouTube. (Link) The video is about 2 hours long but usually they go a bit faster than me so I have to pause every 10 seconds, but that’s fine I should be able to finish it in the next 2-3 weeks with my current schedule. I’ve started coding it but I will do more this week.

This about a quarter of the code in 2048

Blog post 3

I’ve decided to change my focus for genius hour from baking to coding. I think its a smart idea since I don’t have enough time to make a full dish and I can’t really pause making something, but if I do coding I can just save it and come back to it in an hour and continue. With changing my focus I also need new goals. I want to make 2 games by the end of the term, The first game will be 2048. To make the game I’m gonna follow a tutorial, but for the second one I will not unless I need to. The second game I not sure what I will do but something harder than 2048.